Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 It was a Mistake



Chapter 5 Ancient Tablet

Chapter 5 Ancient Tablet

An Xueyun’s talent caused quite a stir among the students. Even in the eyes of Liang Yu a deep emotion of jealousy surfaced.

Five red soul crystals result made everyone feel inferior.

Looking at An Xueyun’s back Ye xinghe showed a look of envy in his eyes.

If he can have that type of talent, then how good would be his life?

But he understands that it is only wishful thinking, he instead looked at the seven crystals, what would he do if his talent his poor.

All the master sitting in the stage looked at each other, seeing Vice-Headmaster Xu smiling they were feeling quite depressed. As per their estimation, after finding such an outstanding talent, he will definitely not give her to anyone else. Although Vice-Headmaster has not received any disciples in more than 10 years, but seeing his smiling face they can obviously determine that he will not concede this time.

The first row’s eight children had been tested. Now everyone looked at students standing in the second row.

“Two soul crystal sensing!!”

“Two soul crystal sensing!!”

After the first row more than 20 students had been tested, among them were other noble family and city merchants sons, but a majority of them were able to sense only two soul crystals, the students who could sense three were only two.

Noble families have strong ancestor blood running in their veins, and therefore they always perform better than other lesser families or merchants sons. If they can get in Heavenly star Academy it means they have above average talent, however if the comparison is done with noble family’s sons than a huge gap is found.

Now all eyes fell upon the last row students, remaining eight common or subservient family sons.

These students of common descent had been admitted from every corner of the province. During the admission of Heavenly star academy, thousands of noble family and merchant’s son come to compete, however during the admission quota for common people tens of thousands of children come to participate.

This is Great Zou Empire’s national policy, through academy, they have given the children of common people an opportunity of promotion. Although these students can’t have high official positions in the empire, but having graduated from the academy gives them the chance to join army or city guards. It is a chance to change their destiny.

Ye Xinghe is one of them who wants to change their destiny, he had been admitted in Heavenly Star Academy by working hard and diligently. However out of all eight students remaining, his talent was the worst

“Come On” Lin Hong patted Ye Xinghe’s shoulder.

Lin Hong turned and started to sense the first of the red soul crystal.

Shortly after a glow of red, orange and bright yellow was shining in front of him. When three soul crystal had shone Lin Hong slowly closed his hand.

“I was able to unexpectedly sense three soul crystals.”

All students couldn’t help but give Lin Hong looks of admiration. As a subservient family member, his result was very astonishing. Over the year, students who can sense three crystals from common students have been very few.

Several other students had also completed their test, but their result was far from satisfactory. Two of the common decent students could only sense one red soul crystal, their complexion was white, deep in their eyes were the sign of despair and dying embers. Both of them have not passed the exam, they had arrived till here with great difficulty and hard work, but they didn’t have the destiny to advance from here.

After everyone had been tested, it was Ye Xinghe’s chance.

Ye Xinghe placed his hand above soul crystals and tried to sense them as the teacher had said.

However no resonance could be found in any of the soul crystals.

What was this?

Why is there no response?

Ye Xinghe started feeling anxious and cold sweat could be seen on his forehead.

Every student was looking at Ye Xinghe because he was last, however, no glow could be seen below his hand. Everyone thought he still hasn’t started and was therefore waiting for him to start.

Everyone stare made Ye Xinghe’s situation more difficult, his nervousness started increasing, Whats the matter? why is nothing happening? Why is there no response from even one soul crystal?

Another minute passed by, but still no glow could be found.

The whole hall was deathly still.

Couldn’t even sense one crystal, Was this real?

Suddenly Liang Yu started laughing ” You really are a waste, you can’t even inspire one crystal to glow for you, Ha Ha Ha really made me laugh.!!”

Teachers on stage also looked at each other with blank dismay, a situation like this has never happened, before there was no one who couldn’t even sense one soul crystal. How could a person who can’t even sense one crystal was admitted in Heavenly Star Academy?

Ye Xinghe tightly clenched his left hand into a fist, he does not understand what is happening. What’s the matter, why can’t I even sense one crystal.

Nearby, Lin Hong seeing Ye Xinghe facial expressions had a sinking feeling, he said in a low voice “You do not need to mind what other people are saying, keep your attention on the soul crystals below your hand. Also, you were too anxious, first calm your heart and then try again”

Hearing Lin Hong words, Ye Xinghe looked towards him with a grateful look. when everyone was ridiculing him then Lin Hong spoke on his behalf.

I do not believe that I am a waste.

I had worked so hard and diligently, finally was able to enter Heavenly star Academy, can such hard work be for nothing?

If I were expelled from Heavenly star Academy, then what about my parents and clansmen’s hope?

Ye Xinghe closed his eyes, no longer paying attention to anyone in hall anymore, slowly his heart started to relax, an indiscernible feeling suddenly passed in his heart. Ye Xinghe felt as if he have again arrived in the forest of his dream, everything was very serene and quiet, he fully calmed down and basked on the quiet of the forest.

This time, Ye Xinghe completely immersed himself in that mysterious feeling without caring for anyone else.
“Even if you try again, what result can you show? Someone who can’t even sense one soul crystal is nothing but a waste.” Liang Yu sneered in mockery.

An Xueyun eyes fell upon Ye Xinghe’s body, she looked with kindness toward him, she definitely didn’t want Ye Xinghe to get expelled from Heavenly Star Academy due to poor talent.

At this moment everyone’s eyes were suddenly drawn towards Ye Xinghe palm, which was still hovering above soul crystals.

The first red soul crystal suddenly flashed a dim red light, followed by a bright wave of red light.

Finally sensed the first red soul crystal.

Vice-Headmaster and every teacher in the stage relaxed slightly. every one of them revealed a gratified smiling face. They did not want to believe, that a waste who can not even sense one red soul crystal was admitted in Heavenly Star academy. Really, Ye Xinghe was too nervous in starting and had not gathered his mind.

Liang Yu seeing this cannot help but sneer and coldly snort. Your luck was good that you were able to sense one soul crystal, otherwise, if you had failed, then you would surely have been expelled.

At this point, Ye Xinghe was not paying attention to anyone. With eyes closed, he was immersed in the tranquil feeling. It was like he was floating in the void.

A moment later, second soul crystal started shining, the orange ray that came out of soul crystal was incomparably pure and bright.

“This is second!!”

Everyone was a little surprised, no one thought that Ye Xinghe could sense two crystals.

While everyone was surprised, third crystal also slowly started giving a yellow glow, which was getting brighter by the second.

“He can actually sense three?”

Seeing this everyone was so surprised that they couldn’t help but not  to believe in their eyes. When Ye Xinghe cannot sense even one soul crystal, everyone thought that Ye Xinghe was a complete waste, however not only Ye Xinghe was not a waste but he was a three soul crystal talent now. As a subservient family member, sensing three crystals was a very outstanding result.

Chapter 4 Red Soul Crystal

The person sitting in the forefront and most central position of the stage is a black clothed old man, his hair and beard was all white, with appearance/features suggesting extra-ordinariness and immortality.

His eyes swept over all the students, and said “Children I am the Vice Headmaster of Heavenly Star Academy, surnamed Xu, who is responsible for your test today. On each table there are seven red soul crystals, you have to sense these crystals with your mind. Numbers of crystals shining will determine the number you can sense, from this numbers we can determine your innate talent.”

“Children who can sense two red soul crystals are qualified to attend classes. However children who can sense three crystals have good talent, and children who can sense four crystals, although not genius but their talent is quite good, so children who are sensitive to three or more will have the opportunity to become personal disciples of Heavenly Star Academy’s most outstanding teachers. Every one of them is a powerhouse at 6th Heavenly Layer or above.”

“This is an opportunity which cannot be forced. If for some reason you are not able to sense required number, then you will be given a chance to further train with young teacher and try again next year with more experience.”

Although Vice Headmaster Xu’s voice not very loud, but it easily spread to everyone’s ear in the hall.

Everyone was anxious.

This test is quite important for their future. Although Vice-headmaster Xu told them that they will have opportunity to try again next year, however the talent most time is inborn. If they don’t have it this year to be successful then it’s highly unlikely that they will have it next year.

Every student was eagerly expecting the test after Vice-headmaster announcement. Young teacher (Teacher Chu Xian) who was leading them right now was at 4th Heavenly Layer cultivation, however each and every one of the instructor in stage was at 6th Heavenly Layer or above. If they can achieve guidance through them then it will be an enormous good fortune for them.

In Great Zou Empire, master and disciples have very strong bonds, just like father and sons. To be a disciple of a famous master will make their whole family happy.

“Ok, Chu Xian make them start” Vice-Headmaster Xu said lightly.

“Yes” Chu Xian bowed, and started arranging students in various tables.

Soon before each table a student is standing. In each table there are seven red soul crystals resting, each and every crystal is glittering and clear.

Students look at the crystals with vacant and anxious look.

“Place your hand, 2 inch above crystals, and be attentive to sense the crystals.”Teacher Chu Xian while sweeping his gaze on every students, said gently “No one needs to feels anxious, everything will happen naturally.”

Hearing Teacher Chu Xian words, every student has placed their hands above the crystals.

They are trying to sense the red soul crystals attentively.

In the first row, Liang Yu, An Xueyun as well as many other noble family sons and daughters are standing. Some people from this row quickly started sensing crystals.

Noble families have their own Red Soul Crystal, these young family members are allowed to experience it before the test. More than one student have quick responses with their first crystal because of it. A noble family youth even had quickly sensed three red soul crystals. The three Red souls Crystal which have started shining, have different colors, they are shining red, orange and yellow respectively.

After making three crystals shine, the noble youth proudly faced others while thinking; I have sensed three crystals which should be a good result.

Several of the old man above the stage, gave him the bow of recognition. In the last year classes there were only five or six students who achieved excellent results in year end, and every one of them had outstanding talent in the beginning. Therefore these old man’s loved the students of high potential.

Many students looked towards that youth with envy and jealousy. They redoubled their efforts to sense the crystals.

Liang Yu after witnessing this, with a ghost of smile, proudly placed his hand above the crystals, fingers spread, started concentrating on crystals, soon the first crystal started shining in red.

First crystal is always very easy to sense, and soon started shining a dazzling red. After a moment orange glow came from second and then yellow came from the third.

“Ho, even he have sensed three crystals”

“Really, fierce” Students standing in rear and waiting for their turn all looked with envy.

“Worthy of being the young master of Dark Moon Family, his talent is above than others”

As soon as the voice’s fell, fourth soul crystal had started shining, it was the color of pure green emerald.

“Heavens, Fourth!!”

On Vice-Headmaster Xu’s plain and strict face, a smile can be seen. Four crystals shining is definitely deserved to be called a talent to nurture. This type of talent can be found once in several years.

This year’s test could be called well after this result.

However Fifth soul crystal did not shone. Liang Yu breathed heavily several time, he can faintly sense the fifth crystal, but it’s not enough for it to shine. Linag Yu thought, even if it’s four, it’s enough.

Liang Yu looked around proudly, seeing every one exclaiming in surprise and envy; he couldn’t help but give a content look in his face.

Before An Xueyun there were seven students, soon everyone was tested.

So far the result had been, Four crystal sensing one, three crystal sensing has three, two crystal sensing has three.

Soon everyone’s eyes came to rest upon An Xueyun.

An Xueyun, manners were elegantly simple, with beautiful facial features, add a white skirt to perfectly outline her beautiful figure and light timber voice, was the goddess of numerous noble family’s young masters heart. Numerous youth wanted a opportunity to talk to her. The only one looking at her coldly was perhaps Liang Yu.

Liang Yu liked city lord’s daughter Xia Yuning. Xia Yuning and An Xueyun were Heavenly Ancestor city’s twin stars, both women’s beauty was outstanding; also their talent was simultaneously outstanding.

These two young girls, make entire Heavenly Ancestor City other youth feel inferior.

An xueyun without caring for other people gaze, stretched out her white pure arms and placed them above the seven crystals. She started to try to sense them.

First red soul crystal shone quickly, and then second and third.

Soon a glow of red, orange, yellow, green and blue could be seen. When fifth soul crystal shone all the spectators quickly sucked breath and didn’t even dare to breathe. Everyone was shocked watching those five glows.

Five Red Soul Crystals.

If a talent who can sense four crystals could only be found once in several years, then what about one who can sense five crystals.

Vice-Headmaster Xu’s countenance changed after seeing An Xueyun’s test results.

“The Eternal Heaven Family’s young lady is really extraordinary. Five crystals have shined for her; this type of talent can only be found once in a hundred years. People having this type of talent are really few.”

Chapter 3 Lin Hong

“Teacher is coming back” An Xueyun suddenly shouts from beside.

Hearing An Xueyun words Liang Yu’s heart beats erratically for a second, he immediately looked towards the distant place and clearly saw the teacher walking towards them.

“It seems today you are quite lucky, later I will slowly teach you again” Liang Yu snorts coldly and turns around to leave.

Ye Xinghe looked towards nearby An Xueyun, saw her smiling towards him, after giving her a graceful nod he carefully sit down in his place.

Ye Xinghe lowered his head while sitting, he couldn’t forget Liang Yu’s words, and they were buzzing in his head till now. The incident taught Ye Xinghe that without strength he can only be humiliated.

He must become stronger, no matter what, for himself and for his clansmen.

A moment later the teacher came back and swept everyone with his gaze, seeing bloodstain in ground as well as on Ye Xinghe’s mouth, he frowns slightly and asked with a sinking sound “What’s this all about?”

After hearing the words of teacher, Liang Yu’s eyes flickered noticeably, Heavenly Star academy is not like other places, it’s an institute of Great Zou Empire, which happens to put it in the same place as City Lord Mansion. It cannot be messed with. If teacher lets this issue go then its ok, however if he investigates seriously then there will be perhaps serious repercussion.

Numerous students looked at Ye Xinghe with hopeful eyes, hoping he will help them kill Liang Yu’s malicious arrogance.

“Replying to teacher, I just fell down” Ye Xinghe lowers his head to say.

Hearing Ye Xinghe’s words many students showed disappointed expression.

“Spineless coward” a person next to Ye Xinghe taunts him quietly.

Ye Xinghe however was silent and did not speak.

The young teacher hesitated a moment, he understood the situation roughly, however looking at Ye Xinghe distressed appearance he lightly sighed, he understand that in the cultivation world sometimes practitioner have to overcome difficulties on their own.

“The exam will test your martial will and talent, all of you prepare” Teacher said.

Liang Yu observing, that the teacher is not going to pursue this matter relaxed slowly. He calculates that Ye Xinghe knows his own limitation and what will happen to Azure Feather Family if he speaks.

All students are calmly waiting for the test.

At this moment, Ye Xinghe’s emotions are hard to restrain, his head has started ringing. The blood of his whole body is rushing in his head, his mind is blank, he can’t hear any sound, in his heart there is only anger and hatred.

Although he is sitting, but still hasn’t recovered, it’s as if in entire world only he is remaining and everything else is blurred.

The sunlight in his face is a very abnormal and dazzling, making him light headed.

Suddenly there seems to be something influencing his innermost feelings, slowly he started to become calm and entered a tranquil state. When he regained his focus and opened his eyes he didn’t know where he was, everywhere was white light.

“Where is this?” Ye Xinghe’s eyes are filled with wonder, he carefully watched the whole scenery in front of him, and it was like a fairyland.

There is a lake in a forest, atmosphere is very peaceful, and moonlight is like white snow shining everything, when the shining moonlight touches the surfaces of lake it started glittering.

Ye Xinghe is confused, why would he see this type of picture, moreover everything is so real.

He was attracted towards this peaceful world; unexpectedly he saw faint trace of luminous in the bottom of lake.

He fully opened his eyes and leaned forward to clearly see catch another glimpse of this luminous.

He saw that the luminous is getting near and near, from being just a wisp of spark, it became something dazzling.

While he does feels the glare, but Ye Xinghe still wanted to understand, what it is that he is seeing.

In that dazzlingly bright luminous an ancient tablet could be seen indistinctly, it’s not clear home many years have this tablet seen, in the surface of the tablet one can see some fine ancient writings. When Ye xinghe caught glimpse of that writing, it was as if suddenly a millennia of time has flown.

Then a Majestic ancient voice started in his head, which started Ye Xinghe’s head roaring.

“Dao of Inaction, Road of all source, Refine spirit and return to emptiness, To be aware of Universe, Soul Clarity!……”

When the ancient voice started saying, every character it said made Ye Xinghe’s head feel like exploding.

A force with vigorous strength enters Ye Xinghe four limbs and hundred meridians.

The luminous in ancient tablet is getting more and more bright, it looks like a giant fireball of white flame, an intense burning feeling started coming from Ye xinghe’s body, the white flame was like a general running amok inside his body.

Ye Xinghe’s meridians were ready to burst apart.

“Stop” while being burned by white flame, Ye Xinghe started growling.

Just for an instant Ye Xinghe was completely burned, and nothing else was remaining.

Ye Xinghe suddenly returned to his own body, he opened his eyes and started gasping for air. He is again sitting in the practice ground surrounded by students.

The nearby students of Ye Xinghe, looked towards him with some surprise, what is this guy up to?

Ye Xinghe is lost, he takes a fast look around himself to confirm himself of his surroundings, what happened? What was that white light? Did he just had a dream? But it was so real, even the pain felt absolutely real.

He tried to move his body, but there was no pain now. However he could vaguely feel an immense hot strength within his body.

His breathing gradually returned to normal, he very much wanted to go and investigate his body, to know what has happened, but Ye Xinghe decided to hide this incident and to not speak about it with anyone. If he does share this knowledge with someone then they will surely say that he was being paranoid and crazy.

Also, he have just arrived to Heavenly star Academy, he doesn’t have any friend with whom he can share, and others will not take him seriously.

Ye Xinghe continued to sit quietly with everyone.

Shortly after, the young teacher said “Ok it’s time for all of you to take test, everyone come with me.”

All the kids became energetic and stood up, everyone lined up behind the teacher, and they started walking towards the distant testing building.

Although the line is a bit disorderly at first, but soon everyone automatically separatedthemselves on basis of power, in front the young master of noble and powerful family can be seen walking, Liang Yu and An Xueyun were in forefront, after them were the city merchants son and other important kids, and at the very last could be found the commoner students and subordinate families young son.

In Heavenly star academy every student was equal. However fully removing society distinctions were impossible.

Ye Xinghe is walking silently in behind, in his side other youth was walking, this youth had a tall build, he was wearing same plain clothes as Ye Xinghe but he carried himself extremely gracefully. He had fair skin long hair and a lazy happy smile.

“Are you alright? I heard you gasping for breath just now, thought that you have become ill.” The youth smiled while saying.

“I am alright” Ye Xinghe shakes his head in negative.

“If you are alright, then good, later we will be classmates, we have to look after each other.” The youth brightly said while smiling.

Ye Xinghe couldn’t help but look at Lin Hong carefully, the boy was smiling as bright as sunshine, also he had an aura of warm spring breeze.

“You do not laugh at me?” Ye Xinghe clenched his fist; he still felt humiliation in his heart for earlier incident.

“Laugh at you, why would I laugh at you?” Lin Hong doubtfully asked then he suddenly came to understand, and said with a smile “Why would I laugh at you, common man doesn’t have to care when he is angry, but we have to first think about our clansmen. If lady An had wanted me to kneel down to her, then what choice would I have. We of subordinate family members have no other alternative, although let me tell you, lady An is very kind hearted and would never make me kneel. As to act against the Main family! that we never dare to do. I am very happy to meet you; I am Lin Hong, from Anyang town.

“You do not fear that you will offend Liang Yu?” Ye Xinghe asked.

“I don’t have anything to fear, because my family is attached to Eternal Heaven Family and not to Dark Moon Family. Also I have young lade An to support me.” Lin Hong said with a smile.

Looking at the smiling sincere youth, Ye Xinghe couldn’t help but feel warm in heart. “Thanks”

After feeling as great a shame as that, finding a person who could understand him, made him feel that he have found a friend.

Under teacher’s leaderships, the students soon entered a broad Main Hall. In the hall a stage had been built, ten individuals of 40-50 years were talking in low voices upon it. All of them were wearing simple clothes however no one can doubt their imposing aura.

Below the stage was an open area, on which 30 tables had been arranged, on which strange apparatus could be find.

The atmosphere was a little oppressive; all students did not dare to speak even in low voice, all of them understood that today this test will likely decide their destiny.

Chapter 1 Three Great Martial Arts

Chapter 1

 Three Great Martial Arts


A huge river could be found in wilder lands. The river is flowing forward chaotically, and at the banks of the river there is a continuous line of mountains. From these mountains one often hears the sound of roaring of demonic beasts. These sounds are like rolling thunder in general which continue to flow from one mountain to another.

In the middle of the river a vast plain could be found on which standing erect is a great magnificent city.

This city is located at the edge of Great Zou Empire’s Ji Province. It is called Heavenly Ancestor City. Due to it’s positioning in frontier there were successive years of chaos caused by war. These recent years after Great Zou Empire’s national prosperity and power has risen a great bit, this area was finally slightly calmer and steadier.

Inside Heavenly Ancestor City, Heavenly Star Academy.

In high noon when sun is shining sinisterly on faces of people, from Heavenly star academies central are a loud applause could be heard. One group of students are sitting in the ground and looking forward intently.

In front; a young male teacher is demonstrating martial arts technique. While demonstrating martial arts his whole body is like an ancient giant beast. Both his arms are very muscular and covered by a piece of black scale, which is shining with deep metallic luster under sunlight.

“Martial arts are very broad and profound, since ancient times after experiencing innumerable evolutions; finally we have three most powerful martial arts remaining. They are called Flame martial arts, Dragon martial art and star martial art.”

Young teacher was demonstrating martial skill, while introducing “I belong to Dragon martial arts user.”

“Dragon martial arts users have dragon blood inheritance within their body. A cultivator after stimulating his dragon blood can directly strengthen his mortal body, and can have formidable strength, like this” The young teacher clenches his right fist and throws a sudden punch at several hundred jin heavy giant stone in the side.

As soon as that fist was released one can hear a loud explosive sound of cluck-cluck-cluck.


The stone chips scatters.

On the stone a spiral the size of the fist was printed, which looked exactly like an iron drill in general.

It is hard to imagine what will be result if a person is punched with such an explosive fist.

All the students watching this were left to ponder how terrifying this strength was. The students who are practicing Dragon martial arts are choked with emotion, for a very long time their hearts couldn’t be calmed. So that’s the formidable strength of the Dragon martial arts.

Among the students, one teenager of probably fifteen years of age is staring seriously at the young teacher, his clothes are a little plain however due to the powerful sun rays his skin has become a little dark. His skin is covered with numerous beads of sweat, but his appearance seems very delicate.

He is called Ye Xinghe. He is from the Blue Carp town of the Heavenly Ancestor City. From the entire Blue Carp town he was the only one who was admitted in Heavenly Star Academy. He naturally cherished this great opportunity.

At this time, the young teacher continued “Dragon martial arts users are largest but not the strongest. The strongest martial arts users are Flame martial arts user, if a flame martial arts user is fighting hand to hand then he is not stronger than the same rank Dragon martial arts user. However their strength comes from the control of flame. A Flame arts user can display formidable flame seal arts and defeat several same rank Dragon arts users directly.”

“Then What about Star martial art users?” A young girl’s clear voice asked.

“What star martial arts user practice is the power of stars. Everyone has their unique cultivation way depending on the star, some star’s powers are unique due to which star arts users have some unique talents such as helping treat partners injury, various movement skills etc. In ancient time Star martial arts have produced many power houses, these people can even move to the stars and moons. A star arts user goes against the heavens will, but since the star arts users can’t inherit any technique there are very few cultivators nowadays who have reached 9th Heavenly Layer Realm.”

Ye Xinghe clenched both his fists slightly. During the admittance he with everyone had participated in a test, which determined his physique to be Star martial arts user.

“Ha Ha, It means star martial arts users are only waste.” A youth smiles recklessly, he was determined as a Flame martial arts user and is quite proud at heart for it.

Ye Xinghe’s face is burning, in the class of 30 individuals; there were six people who were identified as star martial arts user. Out of this six, five are female and only Ye Xinghe is a male, which has made him lose face in front of everyone.

“You cannot say that, since the evolution of three Great Martial Arts inheritance any cultivator who has practiced till the high-level boundary can erupt with an extremely formidable strength.” The young teachers face is extremely earnest and with a sinking sound he said “You ridiculing star martial arts user is equal as ridiculing star martial arts inheritance.”

The youth who ridiculed Star martial arts user immediately shut up. He lowered his head and did not dare to speak. Although in his heart he thinks otherwise, but he understands the meaning of teacher, these words can’t be spoken irresponsibly.

The young teacher continues saying “Once a formidable Star martial artist user reversed the stars, borrowed the power of stars to set up six exceedingly high Star Pillar and he once destroyed a empire with a palm. Star martial arts are in decline not because its inheritance isn’t strong, but it does not have any strong successors”

A Palm destroys an empire.

Heavens, to do this, how terrifying strength did that cultivator had. All students look with Panic-Stricken eyes.

Ye xinghe also could not help but reveal a fascinating look. So a peak star martial user was this outstanding existence.

“You have already carried the physique test during your admittance; hence now take two hours to prepare yourself for your talent test. You guys prepare, I will go and make arrangement for the test.” The young teacher told the students to sit there and prepare, then he turned around to walk toward a distant place.

The students sitting there slightly relaxed and in there sitting position.

They started observing each other, as they are now fellow classmates from now on.

A boy wearing long white gown swept all the sitting students with a cold look and said fiercely “Today is the first day for us in this Heavenly Star Academy, later we will be classmates. Many of you have come from noble family’s and some from the subordinate provinces, however no matter where you come from, you have to understand that from today onwards I am the boss of this class and every matter of this class will be decided by me.”

After hearing this youth’s word, all the students started whispering between each other.

“Who is this extremely arrogant person?” A boy asked in low voice.

“Don’t you know him, He is called Liang Yu, and he is the Heavenly Ancestor City’s, Dark Moon Family’s young master. Dark Moon Family was the super aristocratic family after City lord Mansion. Heavenly Ancestor City has six towns under its boundary, and all six of them are under his family. Several students who are sitting around him are all the sons of Dark Moon Family.” Another student said in a low voice.

Hearing these students low voice discussions, in Ye Xinghes eyes flashes an angry flame. So that boy sitting in front is a Dark Moon Family person.

Although in his heart he is full of hatred towards that person, but he silently lowers his head and did not speak.

Blue carp town comes under Dark moon family’s influence, and the Azure feather clan from which he belongs is an attached family under Dark Moon Family. In these towns Dark Moon Family has power beyond anyone’s comparison.

Ye Xinghe remembers a time when he was very small that is only six years old, his aunt was the most beautiful woman of the Blue Carp Town, she was very good to him, however she was kidnapped by the Dark Moon Family for half a month. Afterward when she came back, his aunt hung herself from the house beam.

Ye Xinghe also remembers that Azure Feather Family must pay an annual tribute to Dark Moon Family, and when one year the harvest was not good, after paying their tribute, Azure feather family’s grain was insufficient for their clansmen. More than 20 old people died by starving themselves, so that the remaining clansmen can have enough grain.

There are many more debts which feel like a carving blade running in his heart. He is unable to forget any of them.

From very small Ye Xinghe had decided that he will change his clan’s destiny. Therefore he keeps practicing diligently, also in addition since his talent is good, the entire Azure Feather Family have given their utmost to train him. He finally had the opportunity to enter the Heavenly Star Academy.

His arrival in Heavenly Star academy is not only for his dreams, but also for his whole clan’s dreams.